Can't stop Shuffle with new narrow sidebar on tablet

Can't stop Shuffle with new narrow sidebar on tablet


I have a Samsung tablet. It used to display the "Now Playing" at the wide bottom where I could see a variety of controls. Now it's occupying about 1" wide of space in a column on the left of the screen. There are no controls visible for what is playing or how. For instance, my playlist is on Shuffle for some reason. I'd like to change it to Play. The "woven" green arrows that usually display to the left of the play controls no longer appears anywhere since the whole "Now Playing" window is only 1" of about a 6" wide screen. Interestingly, my Galaxy phone is connected to my acc't so I looked at what was playing on the app and it also is set up to put the "Now Playing" in a narrow column on the left when I turn the phone to wide view. But I also could see some controls for shuffle or play at the top. So I could control how my playlist played there. But not on the tablet that I actually have connected to my stereo. I used to be able to use it perfectly. Now I can't. Please change it back now. Or at least give users control over the layout so they can make it display in a way that functions (for them).







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