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Can't store songs on SD Card anymore

Can't store songs on SD Card anymore







Moto G5 Plus

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Android 7

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Since one or two weeks it is not possible anymore to select my SD Card as download storage in the settings. And that happened without any notification. All my songs were streamed. It's really really sad to see such a change. Is there any change getting SD Card storage back into the android version?


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Hey @Freshchris, welcome to our Spotify Community!


We'd recommend reinstalling the app by following the steps here.  Also, try with a different SD card to see how it goes.


Have a nice day 🙂

I got the same issue. The option "storage" is not available for me in the options. I tried reinstalling or a different sd card. Nothing changes. My internal storage is full now and I can't put my downloads on the sd card. I also can't put the app on sd card

I have reinstalled the app and after that it works fine. Try to reinstall the Spotify App maybe that helps. 

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