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Can't sync playlists, says device is full- definitely isn't!?

Can't sync playlists, says device is full- definitely isn't!?

Ever since the new update or new spotfy app- whatever you want to call it was installed on my phone (Galaxy S3) I try to download playlists for offline mode and it instantly stops and says my device is full. It defenitely isn't though- theres 8g available of the device, and another 7.5 available on the SD card. Im a premium user so feel a little ripped off that I can't listen to my music on the move.

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Some folk have reported that the old cache wasn't deleted by the new installation so is still taking up space. Use a file explorer and find and delete the folder on both the internal and external storage. It should be under \android\data\.


Don't delete as that's the new cache.

Just tried that and got rid of everything, theres just over 8 gig of space left on the device (where spotify has been placed) and it still wont let much be downloaded.

Can you try reinstalling spotify after removing the external SD card? What android version are you using? I'll give that a try.

I'm having the same problem. I cleared the cache last week and read on another blog somewhere that it needs a few days to communicate back to spotify that there is space on the disk available. It's still not working. When I looked for the file under android/data it isn't there (probably because I already cleared the cache). I also have an S3.

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