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Can't use bluetooth controls

Can't use bluetooth controls


The bluetooth controls won't work anymore (can't skip songs).
I have to open the app on my phone ( galaxy s9 ) to manually hit " skip ". I had to stop using Spotify in my car.
Also, can't skip songs on my phone lock screen. The app crash all the time it's annoying.

I dont know what to do. I tried everything.

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Having the exact same problem with Bluetooth and lock screen on my s9 after the latest update. 


Also having the same problem with my bluetooth controls with my s9+. This has only started happening since the recent update. Wireless headphones and also the car controls and the app keeps crashing. 

Same problem here. This only recently started in the past few weeks, prior to this I rarely had issues aside from the occation freezing or slow start in opening the app. Yesterday I was able to eventually get it to start working correctly but once again this morning it was no longer functioning properly.  Is Spofity becoming a junk app like so many others?

Same here, it's started since the last update (2 days ago).

Galaxy s8+ (SM-G955F) with andorid 9.

Same here. Huawei P20 pro

I also have this problem on my OnePlus 6. I have used both my Jaybird X3 headphones and my car stereo with it and when I want to skip a song for the first time since I opened the app from the steering wheel or a button on the headphones it doesn't work immediately. But if I wait for the song to end, it skips the next song and goes straight to the following one. Also, if I skip through the app it skips as many songs as I tried with the Bluetooth device, it keeps a record of how many times I sent the skip command but doesn't take action until the song changes. Hope this helps to correct this annoying situation.

Same problem here since last update. No media BT Controls nor Controls on lock screen working. Note 9 android pie. 

I'm having the same issue that just started for me. On my S8 active. I found if I unlocked the phone and manually hit a control in spotify it would fix the problem temporarily. 

I have an S9+ and jaybird x4 buds.  I have the same issue since the last update and it's driving me insane.  It's a pain in the **bleep** when you're trying to work out.  Please fix this!!!!

I hope they will fix it soon. Sucks to pay for something that doesn't work properly. 

Thanks for this :  at least I am not alone here ... I am just thinking what happen to my BT control ... it doesn't skip the song or sometimes it just stop playing the song....


Now ... it seems to be genuine problem with the latest release of the spotify.



Can't we go back to previous version by any mean? 

Hey there @thetoppy  @Beetlejuice13  @jaybriggs1975  @Agolz12  @14IVY 


This seems to be a known issue and it is currently under investigation as you can see here. You can track it there and vote for it so it will catch more attention. Hope this gets fixed soon. Thanks for your patience 🙂

I've just had this issue appear within the last week or two (can't tell if it is linked to an update of Spotify or Android). Never had a single issue with any Bluetooth headphones ever. Now suddenly the play and pause controls (all I ever use really) are not responsive on the headphones, or on the android lock screen - have to go into the app and fiddle with the play button, after which it seems to start working on the headphones too. For a while. I'm using Marshall Major 3 headphones. And Samsung galaxy s7 with latest available OS.

I have an s9 and I am having the same issue. I thought it was my car at first but I realized I can't change songs from my lock screen either. Has anyone found a solution to this? I found something on another board that mentioned turning off permissions and back on but that didn't work at all. It's frustrating and also dangerous. This just started happening after the last s9 update that occurred on March 5, 2019. 



My Spotify app got updated yesterday and now the Bluetooth and lock screen
controls appear to be working again today...

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