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I signed up Mar. 5 for a 30 day trial and have been frustrated by the bugs on my Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime . The app is very unstable as you all know. I have been posting and reading the complaints on the Android Market with no response from Spotify. I had never heard of Spotify until this month. I found this forum today and after reading the history of complaints with absolutely no response from Spotify, I have no choice but to cancel. This company does that care about its customers.

I am going to try Rhapsody or Rdio and see how they are instead. Rhapsody has tablet application which will work well on my Transformer Prime, unlike the Spotify app which just stretches on Android tablets.

I'm cancelling well before my free trial even ends. What a shame....
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I just cancelld my premium, changed it to unlimited.

They are so stupid not to update the Android app (Crashes on my S2 with ics)


Just installed "wimp" instead and it works great

Yup - Spotify needs to get their arses in gear unless they want to lose a hell of a load of business.

I did enjoy the service. But I also disliked having to use my Facebook account to login. But the lack of a standard keep app was the killer. It would crash constantly and was more of a chore to use than a joy.

I also like the desktop app, but I will probably use Rhapsody desktop app if I like that service

Spotify will not officially comment on plans for updates or new releases or features.

In the meantime, the only way we have to show what an issue the app is is to voice our opinions on this forum. I also created a thread in the Ideas forums asking for updates:
Listening on Windows, Android and Sonos. Tweeting it at @davelicence

I did see that thread. To bad for Spotify that I do comment when. I decided to cancel a service that is poorly implemented and really not a necesity and for which there are now many competent alternatives.

If the gas company gives me crappie service... I'm screwed and simply pay. Spotify isn't the gas company.

I am canceling too. Just tried Deezer the last days and it is greate on Android and in the Browser. There is no native Application, but you can make Songs offline in Chrome (and soon other browsers too).

Deezer supports the Sonos System too, so all I will miss is the support for media buttons (Since Deezer is only having a Webplayer for Desktop it does not work with media buttons (don't know if it is possible)). But they have a greate Android App, and that is an important thing today for a service like this.

listening on Deezer (Windows, Android and Sonos) until Spotify works on Android ICS.

I have cancelled my subscription to Spotify. I really enjoyed it, and used it all the time, but this new "look", the demise of what's new, the "I want to be facebook for music" put me over the edge, I will find another music service, or just listen to the 50 gigs of music I have. It is just a shame that companies decide what's best for their users and don't take the comments of users into consideration. I wish them luck, and if they ever change their interface again, I might give them a try, but for now, it's good riddance.


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