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Cannot access downloaded songs on SD card.

Cannot access downloaded songs on SD card.

I downloaded a lot of music to my SD card, so I could listen without using data. But the other day I had to do a factory reset on my phone. Everything saved to the SD card is still intact, however, despite redownloading spotify, I cannot access the music I have downloaded. I've checked, and the music is in fact still on my card, along with all the spotify information, but the app does not seem to acknowledge it.

I cannot redownload all this music, as I have no way of getting WiFi. I'm currently out traveling, and I do, in fact, need my music extensively for this trip. There has to be a solution for this.
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I'm afraid that the factory reset means you can no longer access your downloads even though they still take up space on your SD card. All you can do, once you have access to wifi, is to delete the cache folder on your SD card (or reformat the card) and download music for offline listening again.

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