Cannot access premium account - help please!

Cannot access premium account - help please!







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I have previously had a free account with Spotify and gained a premium account with my Vodafone contract last year. I cannot seem to access it and I would only have had it assigned to one of 2 email addresses though think 1 may have the free and premium account assigned to it and need help to try and access my premium account as both accounts on either email address are free accounts and won't let me download. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


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Hi @majoosta 


I think first of all, you have to find out and be sure which is premium and which is free.


Please take a look at this link to find out your subscription.

If this works and you’re now seeing your Premium account, it’s worth closing your free account to avoid any confusion in the future. Thereafter, please see what troubles you encounter using your premium.


Let me know!


Hey @majoosta,


If you're not sure about the email address associated with your Premium account, you can have a link to reset your Spotify password sent to all the email addresses which might potentially be your Spotify Premium one.


If, by looking at any of your email inboxes, you find a password-reset email by Spotify, then you'll simply need to follow the procedure to choose a new password and access your account


Click here and follow the suggested steps to see if this works. 


Hope you'll find this info useful. Let us know if we can help any further 🙂

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