Cannot connect to internet

Cannot connect to internet

I tried browsing for music but the message "No internet connection availble" appears at the bottom.  I am connected to wifi on my phone and all my other apps work online perfectly so why doesn't this one? If anyone knows how to fix this, please reply.



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Hey. I did some research on forums, and some users have experienced similar problems in the past. Apparantely, the solution is to go to "Settings" in Spotify application and then Log out. Log back in and see if that fixes the problem.

This might not fix it, if the problem happened with the 2.9 update, you need to reinstall the 2.8.xx version.

Same problem.  I tried restarting the phone, then uninstalled/reinstalled but couldn't even log in, it just hangs.  I did figure out if I turned off wifi and used my data it worked, but I am on limited data and there is no way I can use Spotify if I must use that, this is unacceptable, especially as a paying subscriber.


I contacted Spotfy and told them wifi wasn't working, it wouldn't let me log in and that I tried reinstalling.  They actually told me to try logging in, uh, I just told them that I couldn't log in.  So after emailing them again they said try uninstalling and reinstalling, hmm, didn't they read my email telling them I did exactly those two things.  Infuriating.  Yes, as per their instructions I tried again, to no avail, the same problems persisted.


I may have to try using an earlier version, but that really shouldn't be an answer.  I already have to use an earlier version of the stand alone player(it helps gapless playback work if I turn it on and off a few times and that doesn't always work) and now I have to use an earlier android version that I have to get through a third party while making sure my phone is set up to not update.  As I said in an earlier post, this is the time for Spotify to be at the top of their game with so much competition coming around.

Same problem here...

Since one of the latest upgrade I can't no longer connect via wifi.

It is extremely frustrating, before it worked perfectly but now basically I can't listen nor download anything new...

How can I re-install old spotify version?

Uninstall Spotify and install the 2.8.xx APK, from

Same here on Nexus 5, running Android 5.1.1 and Spotify


It never  detects internet when using wifi, tried everything.


Rolling back to 2.8.X fixed the issue. This is clearly a bug introduced in 2.9+



Nexus 5. Android 4.4.4. I recently moved to Sweden for three months and it started then. I also updated at the same time but figured it was a Sweden thing but I cannot even login or create a new account. I'll try downgrading.

Also, same thing with me @ emailing them and then just saying to reinstall. What a bunch of crap support.

same here. using andoid. app says "internet connection not available" while wifi is on and working fine. Tried to download one song to an offline playlist and it bricked the entire app. Now no songs are available for playback because it wants to re-download the entire playlist. 

and of course, after deleting data and trying to start over again, it won't let me sign back in. thanks for the very useful update spotify. I hope you're putting my 9.99 to good use. 

the weirdest part about it "not being connected to the internet" is that it continually loads listening activity from the web player onto my phone's "recently played section"

Got the same issue on my HTC One m7. Spotify won´t connect on wifi but works on 4g.

Same, made a thread on here and have had it for over 2 weeks now. Don't see why I should have to dowload anything else..

Spotify are no help really, I want it sorted soon as it has been a while now. Quite annoyed as I have it (Spotify) until the end of the year and I don't want to waste it by not using..


It has happened since the new version for me, nothing works.


I managed to solve this on my home wifi network. Have posted my solution in another thread about this issue:

Hi guys,

My workaround was to disable dhcp and use a static ip on wifi advanced settings. Crazy and stupid but worked.

nexus 5, running 5.1.1 and spotify (July 18th)


I have exactly the same problem and emailed them.. They don't seem to care which is why they have no phone numbers listed as i am guessing they dont want to be abused by pissed off people like me

After the last two updates the problem still persists. I managed to fix it by going to my netgear router's settings and turning nat filtering from secure to open. Now it works. But I have no idea if this is a security risk. And anyway spotify used to work fine with nat filtering set to secure

Well, its been over 2 months and nothing has been done about this.  I still can't connect to the internet on my wifi which has always worked in the past.  This is so very frustrating as a paying customer.  I've was in contact with support but we just went in circles with no answer found.  I am not going to disable dhcp and use a static ip just for a music streaming service although I thank those who found that work around.  

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