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Cannot disable lock screen controls in Android 13

Cannot disable lock screen controls in Android 13






Google Pixel 4a

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Android 13


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When upgrading from Android 12 to Android 13, the Spotify lock screen controls started appearing again. They did not appear on the lock screen for Android 12. All Spotify notifications were still turned off as they were for Android 12, however, the controls still appeared on the lock screen. I also turned off the settings for:

Settings -> Sound&Vibration -> Media: All options Off


I contacted Google who tried to help me by confirming my phone settings, but when I still had the problem, they referred me to Spotify support which, in turn, had me do a quick re-install, a clean re-install, and had me login to a test account. I still had the same problem.


I did find a couple of workarounds though:


1. One workaround was to turn off all notifications on the lock screen which disables the notifications for all apps:

Settings -> Notifications -> Notifications on lock screen: Don't show any notifications.

I didn't like this so I reset it back to Show conversations, default, and silent.


2. A better workaround for me was to prevent the phone from turning on when checking the phone:

Settings -> Display -> Lock Screen -> Tap to check phone: Off

Settings -> Display -> Lock Screen -> Lift to check phone: Off


I re-enabled the notifications for Spotify (not sure if this matters or not):

Settings -> Notifications -> App Settings -> Spotify: All notifications On


I also turned back on the Sound&Vibrations Media settings:

Settings-> Sound&Vibration -> Media: All options On (not sure if this matters or not)


This workaround allows the name of the song and artist to appear on the lock screen but without the controls.


It would be great if Spotify had a simple On/Off setting to control the display of the controls on the lock screen rather than having to disable the notifications for the entire app. Hopefully, Spotify can fix this issue for Android 13 so I can re-enable the Lock screen settings that I currently have disabled.


Hopefully this post helps someone!

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I also have this same issue since updating my Pixel5 to android 13, have you had any further luck fixing it?

I'm still using my workaround that I described in my post. It works great
for me. Spotify should add a simple on/off option to enable/disable lock
screen controls, but I haven't checked to see if they have done that yet. I
hope this helps.

I hope this helps as I was having the same issue after recently upgrading to Android 13, UI 5.0 on my Samsung Galaxy S21.

Settings>>Lock Screen>>Widgets>>Turn off Music.

This has worked for me so far.  

I hate the oversized media controls that come with Android 13 (both the media player in the notification frame and the media player on the lock screen). I really wish Spotify would add options for their appearance, e.g. "minimal" (the old, more slimmer look), "default" (android 13 default) and maybe "large" (for vision-impaired people).

Ideally the controls would just be a single line, like for the google home controls. I have zero interest in album art and similar extra "features".

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