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Cannot download songs on SD card despite having three Android devices

Cannot download songs on SD card despite having three Android devices



for some reason it was suddenly not possible anymore to download songs on my Android phone. The error message always bothers that I ought to have more than three devices with that phone - I never had any problems downloading and neither added a phone nor bought a new one.


The device management on spotify now shows me that there are three "Android Phones" connected to my account. Sadly, no chance to identify which one is which... This might be true, should be my wifes phone, our tablet and mine. 


However, even when I delete my (?) phone, and try to re-sync it with spotify, there is no chance that the songs will be downloaded onto my phone. The error message always refers to the "no more than three devices".



I thought it might also be that I use an SD card to put my music on. I changed the settings so that the songs go there. The SD card is not formatted for being part of the internal storage btw.


Phone: HTC One A9

AndroidOS: 6.0.1

Sportify Version: (German)

Spotify Login via facebook


Any advice how to solve this issue? 


Many thanks in advance!




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Try deleting one of the devices and then clicking the button to log out of all devices (on your account page online)

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...then 2 days later all songs were again gone. Same problem as before: the maximum of 3 devices were supposed to use Spotify. But neither my wife nor me changes / used it inbetween.


The only thing it could be was my ONKYO receiver where I used Spotify for streaming on. 

Does that make sense / any difference?

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