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Cannot merge free acct with premium

Cannot merge free acct with premium

I currently gave a free acct with my own email. My husband created his own acct with his email, upgrade to the fam premium and added me. I got the invite via email, followed all directions. It shows through the internet that I'm in the premium plan, but I cannot have access to any music. Not my lists or any music. I tried repeating the app and reloading, that still didn't work. I logged in and added FB but tgat still didn't work and now I can't disconnect spotify from FB. Logging in through the app, I'm still listed as a free acct and there I have access to my music and lists. This is frustrating. I had an agent online that asked me to log out of the app, I did then lost contact with the convo. This is not ok. I'm pissed.
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