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Cant logg in Samsung Galaxy Note

Cant logg in Samsung Galaxy Note

I cant logg in!!!


When I logg in it jumpes straight back to logg in! I can se my page, but only for a second, and the it jumpes back to sighn-in!


Waht to do?


I have reinstalled the app, but no...


Greatefull for an answer



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I'v got the Galaxy Note myself. I haven't had issues with the login or such. Are you using Facebook or Spotify style credentials? Are you running a custom mod / firmware or stock? Is yours still with 4.0.4 or upgtraded to 4.1?

I'd try to uninstall Spotify, remove all signs of Spotify from the device (including usb storage + SD card) and install an older 0.4.180 version to it then upgrade to the newest. IN between the apps try logging in to the old app and see what ot does.

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If it jumps back to the login page after appearing to log in fine press the 'I'm new to spotify' button and that might work
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