Casting Glitch, Unusable

Casting Glitch, Unusable


I was casting from my Android phone onto the television and was listening for a while until I came upon a Valvoline ad and then everything stopped. I came back into the room and refreshed everything, recast, and it was still stuck trying to play that same ad. I erased data, I reinstalled the app, everything. Still stuck on my TV as the Valvoline ad not playing. On my phone it shows that the ad is playing but I have no sound and at the end of the ad it doesn't continue on. Not sure if this is part of the already known chromecasting glitch or not but it's made casting totally unusable. Tried another mobile device and same issue.


It went through several ads, but this one in particular broke it.


EDIT: I just went overkill and reset my TV to factory to clear it's internal cache as well and now it's work again but I don't know for how long. I won't be doing all that nonsense again just to cast Spotify.


EDIT 2: Not even 10 minutes and it's busted again. I know it's not th TV because it's new and I've casted before.

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