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Chance country

Im living in Italy but im speaking german and listen german music. 

But when i log in i get all the time charts from italy. How can i chance this that i get charts from germany



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Hi @Tom0078 and im sorry to hear you've got issues whit spotify.


If you have an prenium account your country will match the country your credit card is from and if that is the case and you have an german credit card you should be able to get charts from germany though thats your selected country. But if you just have the free version of spotify I'm sorry to say that I can't figure out any way to solve it in a easy way. The most reliabel way to solve all your problems is probably to just search on charts from germany and I'm sure you will found what you are looking for.


Glad to be at your service, greetings Viktor

I have premium Account but i have a italian credit card because im living in italy.

But my motherlangue is german my phone settings are german, so why i can not set in german Spotify. If i would like music in romantic or whatever mod i get always italian songs. But i would like german. 

Oh i see, as i said is the only way to chnage the country on your account to have antoher creditcard from the country you would like to choose. I'm sorry to say then that I can't figure out any way to solve this in a easy way. So you'll have to stick to method of searching for the things you want (ex romantic germans songs ect)


Sorry i couldn't find a good solution for you, Viktor

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