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Changed SD card, then changed back

Changed SD card, then changed back

I recently got a new SD card that I've been transferring movies and other media on to, which means that I had to take out my SD card that has my offline spotify songs on it. When switching the SD cards back, the phone didnt recognise that I have the songs still downloaded and is saying that I need to redownload them all. I can clearly see the several gigabytes of downloaded songs in the same directory as before in the settings, but yet I still need to redownload the songs. I'm going away later today and this is pretty annoyingly urgent. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S4

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Yup Same here. Have DLded pretty much of my playlist onto my sd. Wanted to use it in my Android Car device. Spoty doesn't recognize anything of the downloaded stuff. No idea how to get it running. This should be patched.

Not the same @Jackylonline. Spotify does not support transferring content between devices. The cache on the SD card is encrypted and tied to the device on which it was created to protect copyright. A "fix" seems unlikely.

Ok, but Please explain to me the following:
I'm placing my SD card into my smartphone and DL sone music on it.
Now I disconnect it in the Android Settings. Then I attach it also in the Android settings without having the card pulled out before.
Now I start Spoty again telling it to use the external SD as drive. And tadaa - nothing of the previous DLded stuff available. What about now with Encryption? I use the same SD card and the same smartphone.
This has to be a bug or what should I call it?

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