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Changed tracks

Changed tracks

I imported a Grateful Dead album (Dave's picks 13) into Spotify via iTunes (weird I know) and local files. Then I sync the playlist to my devices, particularly to my google nexus phone. I did notice that some songs had issues syncing. But today one of the songs changed completely! Instead of the local file (Winterland, 1974) it became the same song but from another venue and year. I noticed this was going on with other songs too. The local file on the computer is still the same. I suppose this may be a licensing issue, but one of the reasons that I got the premium subscription was to be able to sync files across devices. Besides just trying to import the files manually into the phone, any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, and welcome to the community!

It sounds like Spotify has linked your local file to the track in Spotify. Try doing the following:


1) Unsync the playlist with the track from your phone

2) Delete the song from your playlist on your desktop

3) Go to Local files, find the track, and click 'Unlink' (Should be an option if my theory is correct)

4) Add the local file back to your playlist

5) Sync the playlist back to your phone



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Hi there,
Thanks for the quick reply. I am not sure where can I "unsync" in my phone.
The tracks are not downloaded. The only options I have for playlists are
download/rename/make public/make collaborative/share/start playlist
radio/hide; and for the song I can remove it from the playlist.
I'll poke around but I may need to simply delete the playlist and start

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