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Chromecast Audio streaming problem - Switching between tracks and no streaming

Chromecast Audio streaming problem - Switching between tracks and no streaming

Update 2016-10-23


Hi there,


I can report good news. Currently the Chromecast works a lot better than when I first posted the problem.
I've subscribed to the beta-firmware-channel for the Chromecast Audio and with that latest version and the last updates of the spotify app - things turned out quiet satisfying. I will observe this for another few weeks and give you information about the situation.

But I have hope again 🙂

Thx and maybe you also wanna try.




- - - - 


Hello friends,


I'm new to the forum, but need help with my new Chromecast Audio setup and Spotify.


I have the latest Android Version of Spotify installed on a Lollipop phone with Premium Account.


The problem is as follows:
I set up the new Chromcast audio (CA) and it can be discovered by the Spotify-App easily.

But very often, after having connected, it is not possible to play a song.
The app will immediately switch to next without playing.. then to the next.. next.. next.. again not playing.

I don't understand why? Sometimes they work, sometimes not... it's not dependend on the song.. feels like random.

I have to disconnect from CA and reconnect and then it works - but not always?!?!?


When I connect my phone with other apps to CA - it seems to work - so I guess it is a spotify related issue.

Any ideas what to do? 


Thx for your support.



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Same here

Same issue with Spotify. When switching to Google Play 😞 music is streaming nicely. Sad but true!

same here.

Same here.. I bought the Chromecast Audio only because of Spotify and now it doesn´t work as it supposed to.
I have conntacted Google support, but the have told me that is the Spotify issue ...

Does enyone have a solution?

Hello again,


I also expect it to be a Spotify issue.
In the meantime moved to a new house with ne wifi-router, fast inet-connection and also tried on another


It's still not working as expected.

Spotify support recommended to upgrade to latest CA firmware and setup new, but I already did this.

I will contact Spotify again and hope to get some help.

If I have a solution, I will post it here.


If you maybe have any additional ideas - please help.


Thx and best regards.



Current solution:
Connect to Chromecast Audio

-> select song

-> than in options menu for available devices select "this phone"

-> press play

->press pause

-> than again  in options menu for devices select your chromecast device

-> press play

..and it works for only one song so far. I have to do it for every song that is not in the queue, but still better than nothing.

I hope so that update comes soon, this is realy annoying 😕

Same here ! With my lg G3 and a brand new Chromecast audio latest firmware... Please Spotify, update your app...

did someone find a solution? is it working fine for you again? I've still got that problem!

Hey guys,


still no solution for my situation.

In the meantime there were 2 Chromecast-firmware updates and several app-updates.

I had contact with Spotify support but not a qualified solution proposal...

They also granted me access to a test account that solved this problem for some users.

Not for me... I am unhappy about this.

I also set up my Chromecast Audio in a friends' wifi - but same there.


Google Play Music, Deezer, and other casting apps work perfectly.


Some people suspect that it could be related to the internet provider Vodafone.

Don't know any details about this.


So, I don't have any ideas left.



I've got exactly the same problems and I definetely don't use Vodafone... It's so infuriating



I think there is some problem with spotify chaching the file in the background.

When I start a playlist, it will play smoothly without any problems.

But when I choose another song from another playlist - maybe it works one or two times...

then looses connection.


I start thinking about switching to another service 😞

yeah... it always happens after skipping 2 or more songs or changing the playlist


I have the same problem, it's frustrating!

Maybe I try Deezer instead...

Exact same problem here too.

I don't have the latest Chromecast model, I have the previous one.

I'm experiencing this problem with my Moto G cellphone with Android 6 AND also with my Galaxy II Tablet with a different version of Android, can't remember right now. I believe it is version 5.

All other apps are working fine, like youtube, tunein.


This is the absolute worst.
I hope people read this forum before they start subscribing. The product legitimately sucks with Chromecast. It has so many bugs and it hasn't been fixed for over a year. They're not even addressing the issue it seems. Absolute arrogance. Time to look at alternatives.

Same here.

This issue has been there for months already (see the date of the first post), and Spotify simply ignores it. If you search on the help, they state that CA is not supported for now and they are working on it. Seriously? It's been months and no fix until now.

Streaming to CA was the main reason I upgraded to Premium, and that's why I believe they can't take so much time to fix it! Because they charge you for it! We pay for this feature! It's part of the Premium account!

I work with IT as well, and one bug here and another there are OK, as long as they fix it in a reasonable time. But months? Really?

I would like to see here someone from Spotify giving us an update. But it seems no one care about it.

Sad to leave...

Oneplus X/ Latest Android 5.1.1 - Oxygen 2.2.2 / Latest Firmware on Chromecast Audio


I still have roughly the same issue. After connecting my phone to the Chromecast Audio i can't play songs. To be more precise: They start for half a second and then pause. I can repeat pressing the play button for as often as i want which always results in a immediate pause of the track. 

Please help Spotify!

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