Clean reinstall &SD card


Clean reinstall &SD card

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I think I might have to do a clean reinstall of the spotify app on my samsung because, since downloading an album for offline use, it and some of my other albums have stopped playing properly in that at the end of one song, the next doesnt start up.


If I do this, will it wipe all the albums on my SD card? Also, when I reinstall the app, will it choose to install on my device memory rather than the SD card since the device memory has the most space on it now having filled a 32gb SD card with spotify downloads, I've read in another thread that Spotify downloads to the location with the largest memory on installation?

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Re: Clean reinstall &SD card

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Hi. You are right, uninstalling should remove the cache. Make sure to follow the guide linked in my signature to check for redundant folders that can be left over after the uninstall. Hopefully after this tour sd card will have the most space and on install it will correctly set the cache back to your sd card.

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