Closing on launch without warning... Unusable on mobile

Closing on launch without warning... Unusable on mobile

I am running Samsung Nexus S on ICS. 


It has been running fine for a long time but recently (last month) when ever I try to launch the app it will ask for login details. After entering them. (normal login not facebook) it shows a black screen and then either returns to the login screen. or it will get to the homepage of the app showing my play list for about 5 seconds before closing the app down completely.


this is starting to really annoy me as I use my phone as my car stereo and only reason I'm a premium user is to use spotify on my mobile otherwise I would have stuck to the free version.


I've tried reinstalling to noavil.


Some help please! 

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Did you first try to clear all app data, befor reinstalling? That could help!

Also, as you have a non-FB login, you could try the old client - some find this works better. See this thread
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