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Confused about saving songs to phone

Confused about saving songs to phone

The main appeal of spotify to me was I was under the assumption that I could "save" songs to my phone and listen to them when away from wifi and such. I'm assuming this is a true option. BUT when I click on an album and choose the "available offline" switch It's hard to access this. The only solution I could think of was to make a playlist called "saved" and I chose it to be available offline and  now just add albums etc. to the playlist. Is there an easier way to do it though?


And my other question is how do people share playlists on the playlist section. I don't know how to "copy and paste" a playlist.



Thanks for any input,



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Hi there and welcome to spotify.

Let's start with your first question regarding navigating around the offline playlists. The steps you detail are the initial requirements to make something available offline, once done you just browse to the playlist/album and play it as normal. The spotify App will play the local content over streaming.

You can also filter playlists, albums etc to only show those that have been downloaded to the device. In the relevant section of your music just pull down on the screen to reveal the sort and filters and then select downloaded only.

Sharing a playlist is simply a case of getting the URL. On an Android device you can do this by navigating to the required playlist. Once inside the playlist tap on the 3 dot menu on the top right and then select 'share'. In the next screen tap on copy link and then you just have to paste it into the community.. to paste in Android just long press on an area that accepts text and of done properly you should see a button appear to paste.

Once the link is in and you submit your post the community software will catch that is a playlist and will show it as such.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Thanks, Daniel


Awesome answer, I found the filter and that was exactly what I was wanting!

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