Connect isn't connecting


Connect isn't connecting


Hey everyone

Ive known about Connect for a while now but since I have an Android phone and a Chromebook laptop and since not many people are thinking about the Chromebooks just yet.  I never took the time to try and learn about Connect.  I've always been able to play Spotify on external devices from Andriod through blue tooth but I always had to go back to the phone to either see what song was on or to control any aspect of it.  I never thought twice about it until I was driving my sister Corrola with her riding shotgun.  She looked down and asked me why wasn't any of the song info showing up on the screen in her car?  She said that not only does all of the song info show up but she can control all the seeking features from her steering wheel.  I then thought about it and realized my Spotify has never done that in any car or any other external device I've connected it to.  Can some explain and help to understand.  Maybe I'm just doing something wrong.  BTW I'm usung an LG G Flex D950 and an ACER Chromebook C7. just in case that might help

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Re: Connect isn't connecting

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Hi there. I'm sorry but I think you're confused as to what connect is. It is basically a way of streaming and controlling Spotify on other devices over the same wifi network. You can read more about it here:


For your issue it may be that you have the bug reports here:


Can you try uninstaling Spotify and using a file manager make sure that the below folders are deleted (the second one may be still remaining from the older version of Spotify):


Note: - Make sure to check both Emulated/0/ AND the /ext_sd/ locations for these folders as they could be on Internal memory or/and external SD card.

Once done, go to the play store and install the app again. Let me know how you get on,

Note: Official guides for a clean reinstallation here


If this doesn't work then please post in the bug topic mentioned above so that support can look into it on your device model. 

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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