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Why did you eliminate Connect for Pioneer receivers?  

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Hi @Rjcal, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We’re changing the availability of the app integration on some speakers. No need to worry, here you can see how to use your speakers with Spotify.


If you're not able to use Spotify Connect, we'd recommend checking if everything is under control. Before connecting, make sure you’re set up by checking the following:


  • All devices need to be on the same WiFi network the first time you connect.
  • Make sure all applicable devices are logged into the same Spotify account.
  • Your phone, tablet, or computer must have the most up-to-date version of Spotify.
  • All devices’ software should also be up-to-date.

Take care 🙂

On my Pioneer VSX s510 Spotify Connect also stopped working recently. I do not use Pioneer's custom integration. The receiver is still visible as a Connect device in the Spotify App but the connection fails. So your changes also seems to have an impact on the Spotify Connect integration on various Pioneer devices. 

The Spotify custom integration will be completely removed from the following models of Pioneer speakers:

XW-SMA1, XW-SMA3, XW-SMA4, VSX-923, VSX-828, VSX-823, VSX-528, VSX-S510, VSX-70, VSX-43, VSX-1023, VSX-1028, VSX-1123, VSX-1128, VSX-8231, SC-1223, SC-1228, SC-1323, SC-1328, SC-1523, SC-1528, SC-2023, SC-71, SC-72, SC-75, SC-77, SC-79, SC-LX57, SC-LX77, SC-LX87, X-SMC55, VSX-1124, VSX-44, VSX-80, VSX-1129, VSX-924, VSX-824, VSX-529, SC-LX58, SC-2024, SC-1224, SC-LX88, SC-81, SC-LX78, SC-85, VSX-1024, VSX-1029, SC-82, SC-87, SC-89.

Right, but the SPOTIFY CONNECT integration should still work. 

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