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Consumed way too much data

Consumed way too much data


I was listening to spotify on mobile quite a lot, and in extreme quality, but suddently, last few days it consumed around 24GB of data. My mobile says its mostly in background.(mention that it did not happen the previos month with the same setting) I reinstalled it right away, but what could have caused this? Now only after 4 days, i have to pay again my monthly phone subscription.

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This happened to me as well, 19gb consumed in background data. Why and what is the app using so much for background? Makes no sense. No offline playlists whatsoever.



Same thing by here...


And of course :

 - nothing has been change on my configuration (allways with high quality, always with Data connexion, no wifi)

 - This last two monthes, listening for the music for about 2h a day or less. But before, Spotify was playing for about 7 hours a day during working days


Hanging around in other parts of the forum, we may have a "temporal solution" :  remove background data for this app (and set a data limit on the phone to avoid exceeding data consumption)


Of course, this is just while we are waiting for a real fix. Does any one have some news about it ?


Thanks and see you on good wibes


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