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Continues Syncing Issues

Continues Syncing Issues






(Computer Also)Samsung S20+, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S10.

Operating System

(Windows 10) Android 10, Oreo 8, Pie 9, Android 10


My Question or Issue

I have seen many treads on this topic and the “Solution!” ‘s don’t work. It feels like I have picked at each thread from 2012 – 2019 with nothing but lost hope. Obviously I am writing this in the pit disaster that is 2020 praying the Spotify team can do something about this awful syncing bug, issue or whatever it is that has seemed to plague this platform for 8 years.

I have tested this on three accounts over the devices above. My personals S20 and S7 and family’s S10 and S8. Also with a 15 minute “lost all hope test” on iPhone 7. On all the devices, on my account the syncing of the Local Songs to the playlist was non-existent. The Solutions on each thread are basically and essentially the same steps.

Put Both Devices in Offline Mode – This will force sync.

No it won’t. Leave it for 5 – 10 minutes. In three attempts the suggested 5-10 minutes, a 20 minute and a 60 minute “offline mode” test, syncing did not occur. I could download the songs. I could play any song (provided by Spotify service) on the computer from the phones. But I could not play the Local Files from my phone on my computer, where the local songs are stored. I could Skip, Go Back, Pause and Play, but I could not select them. I could like the songs by pressing the heart when skipping the songs. But I could not select them.

Reinstall the applications.

Read above but change the test for uninstalling and reinstalling from the app store.

You have to be connected to the same network.

I wouldn’t be able to see “Listening on Galaxy S20+” and I can. So I am.


Log out and Log In.

See “Reinstall the applications.” But change the tests for logging out and logging in.


I can play and local song on the computer, while phone is online, select “Connect to device – S20+” and it will just not play. “This song is not available”

Has this, “this” being the ability to sync local files on a playlist to Web Player and Phone, been removed from Spotify or it this 8 year old issue a reoccurring bug that has been ignored? Forgotten? Unfixable? Been worked on… for 8 years?

This isn’t my only issue with Spotify but to me now it’s the only one that matters. Though I can ignore the “shuffle songs”… feature.


Thanks if you respond. Would love feedback.


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I am also still having this issue. For the love of God can someone fix it!!!

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