Continuous Notifications on Android Wear OS Smartwatch

Continuous Notifications on Android Wear OS Smartwatch


Plan: Premium
Country: UK
Device: Sony Smartwatch SWR50 (Wear OS 1.5) paired to Moto X4 phone
Operating System: Android Oreo


I am plagued by more-or-less continuous Spotify notifications on my smartwatch. Every time I dismiss the "currently playing" notification, it comes back within a few minutes. This is all through the day and night, even when I'm not playing anything on Spotify on my phone or PC. This means that the bottom part of my watch screen is continuously taken up by the Spotify notification card peek, and it's quite easy to start spotify playing by accident using that card.


How can I prevent these Spotify "notifications" from appearing on my smartwatch? I'm not bothered about controlling Spotify using my smartwatch, if that means I can get rid of the notifications. (by the way, I don't think they are really "notifications" in the standard sense, because they don't appear on my phone, and also I have the WearOS phone app set to block sending Spotify notifications to my smartwatch. So I think the rogue "notifications" are actually from the Spotify app that runs on the smartwatch itself, which appears to have no options to disable itself.)


Please help, because this is spoiling my Spotify experience!



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