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Control volume on Connect with Android

Control volume on Connect with Android

I am running Spotify Premium and use Connect between two Andriod devices. This works really well, however I am unable to control the volume from the connected device on the device that is playing.

I an not see  volume control on the Spotify app itself and so the only way to adjust the volume is using the normal volume rocker on the device. This however only works on the device that is actually playing Spotify, changing the volume rocker on the connected device has not affect on the device playing Spotify.

This is too obvious so I must be missing something!


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You unfortunately aren't missing anything, it is not currently possible to change the volume between devices using Spotify Connect (it is possible if you have a Connect enabled speaker, but not between devices).

I do wonder are there restrictions on what is possible with regards to volume control remotely especially on iOS devices.

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@spotify, this feature should be priority if you want people to use connect. Common!!

Lift, Spotify

If this gets added i will ditch my car head unit and directly connect my old phone to my car amp 🙂

I too really need this feature.

Hey guys,


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It is a very old topic but we still don't have this feature. Anyway, it seems to me that the link you posted talks about iOS devices and we're talking about Android devices here.

If android user post there, they'll change it to all mobile devices probably but the idea has had very little support so don't hold your breath.

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