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Controls disappear when a podcast ad is skipped forward

Controls disappear when a podcast ad is skipped forward

Here's a terrible customer experience I keep having:

  • A podcast ad starts
  • I use the skip 15 button
  • All controls disappear
  • (Since this doesn't happen literally every time, I sometimes tap the button a few times, but when it disappears, I end up clicking something else by accident because the button has disappeared from under my finger)
  • The ad keeps playing, but I have no controls
  • Typically I try to solve this by hitting play again on the episode I want to listen to
  • It starts again right before the ad, then plays the ad
  • Start again from bullet 1 to create an endless loop

I have tried clean installs, cache clearing, and ask other obvious steps.


Im a premium customer. I experience this on a Google pixel (Android) phone in the US. 

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Hi there @124706370,

Thanks for the post.


Can you let us know if this is happening when the ad is played entirely. You shouldn't skip ads on Spotify, as that will make the appear more often.


Looking forward to your reply.

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I pay for premium to avoid ads on music. I have more than one paid podcast subscription. I use no ad-supported streaming services. I know the experience I'm interested in having, and it doesn't include ads.


This is no solution.

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