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Corrupting SD Cards as a Spotify's manner

Corrupting SD Cards as a Spotify's manner






Samsung Galaxy S5


I'd like to renew this thread

That's because no solution was given to anyone asking for it. After using Spotify for months my microSD card started to slow down, it became sluggish. Spotify started forgetting downloaded songs, had to redownload it. The issue was so much annoying that I started to look for a solution. I rebooted phone, removed it from offline list and clear spotify folders out of both phone and card. I managed to delete files on phone but I noticed that i cannot delete them from microSD Card. Right now I cannot add anything nor delete files. Even formatting card using SD Card Formatter doesn't work - still everything stays on it. I made sure that it is possible to edit files via cmd's Diskpart tool. Then I examined files that are on this card - I used chkdsk on it. Results can be seen in an attachment

As you can see only Spotify is corrupting this card.

I hope that there is a way to repair it, many people bought more cards and got them destroyed, as seen in a previous topic. That's not nice of you not responding to the previous attempts to comunicate with support, as we are all expecting some sort of quality while paying for it. 

(As you can see above, I am not a native speaker, therefore I apologise for any mistakes.)


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