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Crashing and Freezing constantly, flashing playlists

Crashing and Freezing constantly, flashing playlists

I am using the app on my Samsung galaxy s7. For about a week if i search for something in a playlist that search will keep flashing up even after ive deleted it until it eventually crashes. This bug does not carry across playlists.

After the recent update, selecting a new song or hitting shuffle after a few minutes of using the app will cause the entire app to freeze. Closing it does not solve it, the song will keep playing regardless to removing earphones, playing other media or reopening and closing the app. I have to wait for the crash notification or restart my phone to make it stop. I have cleared the cache and reinstalled the app and the issue still persists.
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Hiya. Are you using theouchwiz or another launcher?

Try reinstalling spotify (again) following the steps in this post. If you still have problems, take a look at any third party utilities you may be running which could be the cause and force stop them to identify the culprit.

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