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Crashing upon search

Crashing upon search

Sony Xperia Z1, Android 4.3

Search comes up and works except for specific search letter combinations! Very strange. A sequence starting with the letters "go" or "ro" immediately causes the app to crash. The app comes up again without problems although not in search mode.


Any ideas?

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Tried to reproduce the crash on my LG G4, Android 6.0 and nothing happend. 


Does this happen to other letter combinations as well? 

Also, I would suggest that you update your Android. 😛 

Wow, what a cool playlist!

same issue here. Ro, ra, fo, wo =crash. Other searches are fine. A temporary work around is to search for "rck" or "rmani" instead of "rock" or "romani"...Intelligent search generally gets it right.

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