Crime Junki Podcast Not Playing


Crime Junki Podcast Not Playing








OnePlus 8 Pro

Operating System

Android 11


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Since Yesterday I can't play Crime Junkie Podcast, all the episodes won' load, but the rest of the podcast load without problem, the songs also works fine. I've try cleaning cahe, data, give all the persmission, reinstall the app, even create a new account, and still that particulary podcast won't load, and if I try to download the episode the porgress won't change from 0%.

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Hey there @Carva92,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this. 


You mentioned that you've already reinstalled the app, but would you mind going through the steps of a clean reinstall, as it's more thorough than a regular one?


If this doesn't do the trick, would you mind trying with a different internet connection?


Additionally, could you let us know if this is happening across devices or only on your phone?


Keep us in the loop. 

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I’m having the same issue but it’s only when I’m on wifi. When I’m using data, Crime Junkie will play just fine. When I go on wifi and I press play it stays at 0:00. I also cannot download episodes. My husband was connected to the same wifi and we have a duo account, he was able to play the podcast no trouble. I haven’t always had this problem. A week ago I could play it on wifi. 

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I’m using an iPhone X


Hi there @Jsms,


Thank you for your reply in this thread.


Can you confirm that you followed the steps that's provided in this article? There's some more steps to help thoroughly uninstall the app from your phone so if you haven't, we'd highly suggest it since the steps will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


If that doesn't do the trick, can you log in with your account on your husbands device to see if the issue persists?

We'll keep an eye out for your reply.


Take care!

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