Daily Mix Not Updating Set of Artists

Daily Mix Not Updating Set of Artists


For the last past months, I have changed my list of artists and genre of music and my Daily Mix seem not getting caught up with it. How could I change a certain daily mix with a new set of suggested artists? I have played Alex Clare and related artists for the last two monhts, and still the daily mix I have is not changing.

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Hey @kpdmusic!


Thanks for reaching out to the Spotify Community. We'd like to help.


Can you let us know when did you start listening to the new artists like Alex Clare? 


Also, are you playing your music in Private Session? We'll look into this. 


Let us know if you have any questions. 




Hi Sophia,


I started playing Alex Clare and alternative genre of music starting February 2017. I rarely play in offline mode because I have constant internet connection. I just want my daily mixes to reflect my current listening habit. For example, my Kpop mix is not changing even though I rarely listen to it.


I am having issues with daily mix....


I have like and disliked numerous songs, but the daily mix plays about 80% of the song I liked. How can we get more songs? I am not having enough new songs to like or dislike. When I go back to Spotify to listen again, the daily mix always starts with the same songs nearly everytime, so for quite a long time I am barely listening to new songs.


Help please. I have discovered a few songs/artists I adore with the daily mix and love to find more new stuff.


Same is through with me, I have listened for straight week to alternative and yet, my K-Pop daily mix is still not gone even though I rarely listened to it from the last past months. I even try with radio but nothing is happening.

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