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Data Overage Due to Spotify "Bug"

Data Overage Due to Spotify "Bug"

Thought I might give you guys some feedback on something that happened to me. Recently, my SD card filled up on my LG Lucid and I apparently had a playlist that was continuously trying to download offline and failing due to the full SD card. I kept getting messages that I was going over my data plan, which was crazy because if anything I only go over once every other other month, but I went over my data usage 5 times and got slammed with a huge phone bill. I had to download a data usage tracker to determine it was Spotify. Once I cleared out my SD card and removed the playlist that kept trying to download I stopped going over my data plan. Maybe you guys should put in a fix for this, as in, kill the queued playlist download if the SD card is full, so this doesn't happen to anybody else.

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Ouch that sounds like a reproducable bug to me. I'm going to escalate this to the spotify guys to look at. Could you just post your android and spotify versions please, thanks.

I appreciate it:


LG Lucid

Android Version 4.1.2

Verizon Wireless


Spotify Version

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