Default playlist name on mobile apps!


Default playlist name on mobile apps!

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Can Spotify please fix this?

I am sick of waiting.


Please default playlists to "Artist - Album".


This is how it defaults on the desktop app, so keep it the same on the mobile app.


Why was this functionality changed to begin with? The mobile app used to do the same thing!


I've forgotten the artists I've added to my playlists recently.


Oh, wait, here they are:

My playlist #544

My playlist #543

My playlist #542


... ???

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Re: Default playlist name on mobile apps!

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Hey @jmstreet, thanks for reaching out to us about this. When you create a playlist containing from an entire album, both on desktop and on iOS the playlist title defaults to 'Artist - Album' (on Android it lets you choose the name). The playlist name will only default to "My playlist #" on iOS if you create a new playlist from scratch without any songs in it. If you're experiencing something different to this, could you try a clean reinstall on your mobile device by following the steps in this support article: Let us know how you get on :)

Re: Default playlist name on mobile apps!

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I've uninstalled the application on Android and retried adding a new playlist from an album. I get the same issue.



1. Navigate to an album (i.e. Tame Impala's Lonerism)

2. Click top right corner, then click Add to Playlist


4. It goes to a new screen that says, "Give your playlist a name". There is no default name!

5. Click SKIP

6. Adding to My playlist #xxx appears.


Like I stated. This used to work a year or two ago and is now broken and infuriating.

Please add the default 'Artist - Album' playlist back. Why was it removed from Android?


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Re: Default playlist name on mobile apps!


Hey @jmstreet.


Thanks for getting back to us - we see what you mean now!


This seems to be the expected behaviour of the Android app.


If you'd like Spotify to consider reimplementing it, we suggest that you create a new idea for it in the Community and encourage others to vote for it.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions about this :)

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