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Default storage changing on its own?!

Default storage changing on its own?!

I've had this intermittent yet reaccuring issue for some time now. It seems like every other update to the spotify app on my S7 Edge keeps changing the default storage option from SD card back to the phone storage ON ITS OWN. Requiring me to switch it back then wait for my entire library to download back into my SD card.
Any fix for this???
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I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that to be a Samsung Galaxy problem. If an app has too much access to your phone's usage, then when an app updates those usage allowances, it is put back on the phone storage as your "default" location so that those allowances can be written onto the app, whereas for some reason, Samsung phones have difficulty doing that to apps on an SD card. I mostly use my SD as simple storage for photos and videos, etc. to avoid this problem and keep my apps on my phone storage.

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