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Deleting music off of my playlist

Deleting music off of my playlist

I am unable to figure out how to delete songs from my playlist off of my android (or mac). I've clicked on all the possible "three dots" and "lines" from all the different views of the playlist and the now playing. I cannot figure it out. Please help me!


Thank you in advanced!


p.s. does it matter which device we used to add the songs to the playlist? if I added the song while using my phone then I can only delete it using my phone?

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Thats strange! In my case, when i tap on the three dots in front of a song in a play list, there is an option called: "remove from this playlist".

Are you saying that this option is not available for you? if so, are you sure the playlist was created by you?

I've seen that option sporadically on both my Mac and Android but it's not
consistent and I can't figure out a pattern as to why it would be available
at times and not others. As of the past few months, I have not been able to
see the "remove from playlist" option.

These playlists are definitely mine...I even double checked earlier.

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