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Design Problems!

Design Problems!

Hey guys, I have a problem that should be simple to solve and super cool for users. When I navigate to 'Your Library' on the app, some artists only contain a few songs. I understand that I saved a few songs when I first searched for that artist in the search bar, but now that I listened to the songs, I want to access all the artist's music. 


Right now, I can't do that. I found that the only way to access all their music and add it to 'Your Library' is to delete every song I saved, unfollow them and then follow them again. It's pretty annoying right now. 


It would be so much better if I could simply unfollow the artist and then when I follow them again, I instantly get access to all their music. Maybe give then option to choose between all the artist's music and the few songs you previously saved.


Another thing...some of my artists switched from giving me access to all the songs to only one song. So essentially, my music for an artist was deleted from 'Your Library'. I tried unfollowing and refollowing but that didn't work.


One more thing...when I unfollow an artist, remove it from my artist list! Right now, if I unfollow an artist, it just stays in my list. In fact, there is no way to delete an artist from your list. This should be easy to fix. 


Last thing...related to this issue. Since I don't have the artist's complete list of music for certain artists, I have to click the 3 dots to the right of a song, and click 'View Artist' just to get to the complete artist page.


ps - there's also a touch target issue with the 3 vertical dots on each song. When I'm scrolling, the scroll bar appears - I can't quickly tap the 3 vertical dots to navigate to the 'View Artist' page. It just jumps to different locations in the list because I'm actually tapping the scroll bar instead of the 3 vertical dots. So...just move the dots over to the left a little bit...or push them to the left when the scroll bar appear? Just make it easier for me to tap that control. 


That's all for now! Thanks for everything and I hope you can fix those problems I pointed out! It would make your app better!


Andrew Richards

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