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Devices dedicated to listening to Spotify only

Devices dedicated to listening to Spotify only

I would like my daughter (7) to have a device with Spotify on it so that she can listen to music in her room at night but not browse the Internet or play games, therefore her tablet is out. I have pondered the idea of putting Spotify on an old phone and locking it down to just that app but it seems overcomplicated (kiosk mode) or insufficient (app pinning). Just wondered if anyone had other ideas. Ta


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Maybe you can use a smart speaker, something like amazon alexa ( $30 ).

Then your daughter says: alexa, play my library and it will start playing. You also can customize the speaker for kids in the alexa app.

Hope this helps, good luck.


Thanks. Yes it's an interesting idea that I hadn't considered - I just think she might miss out on browsing for music which I know I would have loved in my younger days. Appreciate your thoughts. 

Hey @Hogtop.


Just wanted to jump in here and share an idea with you 🙂


There's a device called Mighty Audio which is dedicated to playing music from Spotify without the distractions of messaging and Internet browsing.


You can find out more about it here.


Hope that helps! Let us know what you think 🙂

Thanks Peter, 

Yes, that does look good but ideally I want her to be able to browse the music via a screen. I suppose it's the modern equivalent of spending time in a record shop which was something I used to spend hours doing. 

Something for me to consider though - thank you. 

Hey @Hogtop.


I'm not aware of any device without a screen which has Spotify integrated.


We'll be glad to hear if anyone else in the Community knows, or else feel free to create an idea in the Community here where others can vote for it.


Stay awesome 🙂





I'm looking for exactly the same thing.did you work this out?


We have looked into...


Google hub - need to speak to it.  Cant't really browse music.  Good controls to limit non-spotify access.  We bought one to try, will return it.


Alexa- no screen! Can't browse at all.


JBL Link Live - looks to be the same as Google hub.


Please tell me you solved it! 🙂







Hi Adam, 


In the end we got an old smartphone and removed sim, apps etc. And then also closed all the apps you can't remove. It's not perfect as you'd be surprised at the amount of notifications that still come up even after everything is disabled. It also won't be long before she can work out how to re-enable them. For now it just about works!


Did you have any other thoughts? 

I think you could try the Fiio m6, is a small device with a android-based OS but it's made just for listening music, so you can't install any other apps. It supports spotify and other music streamming platforms. It is a little expensive... 

Hope it helps!

Love the idea of this one. I’m in same boat. I’d like for my kid to have access to music and visible playlists without having to be on a smart speaker or smart device. I’m looking for music only/ This could be an option to look into. Thanks!

Count me in for wanting a tablet-like device dedicated to browsing and playing music on Spotify.


I'm essentially looking for a dedicated terminal that I can hook up (wired, preferably?) to an a/v receiver.  Despite the convenience of Chromecast (etc.) I really like the idea of a physical place to look through and put on music. Like a digital version of a turntable + record cabinet. 

Wait—Spotify actually makes a device dedicated to its platform...for cars?


I guess what I'm envisioning is something similar to this but larger and for households.

Any joy on your search, mm looking for exactly the dame thing you are

Hi, I ended up locking down a phone using something called kiosk set up
where you can limit it to just one or two apps. It sort of worked.


actually I have the same problem (even if is three years from your message... 

And I thought, I reached "your" goal, using an Amazon Fire tablet with a kid account, where you can block all browers and just enable the spotify app... And it worked several months until my little one found out that he could access via "settings/quit spotify premium". He scrolled down the page and found a nice hub to access twitter in-app. From there he could search for all kind of videos.... Does anybody have an idea to block these in-app websites?



Hi,  interesting thread to read.  Did you find any further solutions to this?     or at least with the Amazon Fire were you able to disable everything e.g. apps store (excuse my lack of understanding, only ever owned Apple stuff but we don't want to give them old phones)? Many thanks.  Billy

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