Devices disappear from device connect


Devices disappear from device connect



Premium family




Multiple: Sony XZ Premium, Sony XA2, Sony Z5, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, PC on Windows 7.

Operating System



My Question or Issue

Until recently all streamable devices in my home were available to connect to from all devices on Spotify connect. Then about 4 days ago I noticed that one of our soundbars (yamaha ysp-2700) wasn't visible anymore on my primary device (Sony xz premium) . After some playing around I found that across our family devices there was a mixture of symptoms, another couldn't see any devices, another could see different ones. All devices sit on the same network and work fine, the yamaha soundbar has a separate app with similar connectivity requirements to Spotify, this works fine with the Sony xz that can't see it on Spotify. Even to the extent that if another device starts streaming Spotify to it, the XZ can skip Spotify songs via the Yamaha musicast app. 


I've gone through several troubleshooting steps including:

- Rebooted all Android devices, speakers, router.

- Reinstalled Spotify and rebooted.

- Log out and back into Spotify. 

- Set a static IP address on the yamaha soundbar.

- Changed from WiFi connection to wired on the yamaha soundbar. 

- Changed router settings to remove any customisations (QoS etc) and power cycled.


I'm out of ideas at this point. Please help...