Different Spotify style

Different Spotify style

Recently i deleted my Spotify app, and when i installed It again i noticed that the entire style off the app was changed. For example, the play button, before was White, now is Gray/Black, even the gestures are more "old style" before i could use always a lot of gestures to open the Song, and things Like that. The Image of the Song was more "clean" and now there are a lot of options (not a bad thing, but i like a more cleaner interface) someone can tell me why? There is any way to change some style option? Thanks.






(Samsung Galaxy S8)

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(Android Oreo)


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Hey @Domenico3,


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If you'd like to let the right people know about your ideas or would like to give feedback, please head over to the Ideas Exchange. It's where we go to to find out what our users think, so we can improve the app 🙂


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