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Disable auto download of updated music playlists

Disable auto download of updated music playlists

Please add an option to disable auto downloading of music playlists whenever it's updated. A similar to option can be found in Google Play for apps Auto-update, as some Wi-Fi connections are capped/limited data allowance. Add option for manual updating instead of automatically downloading new songs whenever I connect to any wifi network.

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Hi, so I decided to reach out to customer services with this. As this is absolutely fantastic feature to limit playlists to getting longer then needed and especially save on spent broadband.

This is reply below. Actually super disappointing as a good feature must literally be forced by up-voting coming from USERS instead to making it as benefit for user. (Less money if you can push it to user I guess?) No good reason given at all, neither how to handle it.

Reply from customer service below:


Thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your suggestion with us. 

While we can’t confirm if or when this is due to be released, it’s the sort of thing we talk with our product teams about. We'll make sure your voice is heard in those discussions.

As you've already submitted your suggestion at our community page, other listeners can then vote and show their support.

Once your idea / suggestion gets enough votes, we'll review and work on it. Our product teams regularly look at this board and many great features have been developed from it.

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