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Disable concert banner and duo popups I get every week

Disable concert banner and duo popups I get every week






Nothing Phone 1

Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

Every week I get a banner on the top of the app, letting me know there is a concert for a specific artist in 2024. It's the same ad every week.

Also, I get popups asking me to switch to the duo plan.

I'm paying for Spotify Premium not to get ads.

Please remove all ads from Spotify Premium (suggestions, popups, banners ...).


The ad-free experience of Spotify Premium shouldn't be limited to disabling ad breaks.

13 Replies

I have duo. I get the same banner but for family plan. 

I do not have any kids. 

I paid for no ads.

So why?

Hi there folks,

Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.

Premium allows for an uninterrupted and ad-free music listening experience. However, you might still see sponsored content in other areas of the app. This might include personalized recommendations based on your listening history, which is another way for artists to promote their music on Spotify. Or you might get a banner letting you know you're also eligible for other Premium subscriptions, such as Premium Duo or Family. Nevertheless, these are just recommendations and will not interrupt your ad-free music listening time. 

Now, we understand your comments, and they'll be passed to the team behind the recommendations. We're continuously using the feedback provided to improve our app. Thank you. 

If you have any questions or need anything else, the Community is here for you.

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Seeing a banner for family plan you are not interested in several times a week is interrupting my listening experience as I hate ads. I do not use services with ads ever.

I can live with seeing this once every six months or so but every week. Over and over again. With no option "never ask me again". You don't just make a family over the weekend.


Have you thought about the implications of constantly asking single people about buying duo subscriptions (constantly remind them how lonely they are) and child less couples buying family subscriptions (constantly reminding them that they do not have any kids). It might feel bad to get these reminders every week.

Hi @fooobar,


Thanks for your prompt reply. 

We understand, and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know, thank you. We always aim to improve, so we’ll get this passed on to the right team.

We'll be here in case you need help with anything else. Cheers!

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If you appreciate an answer, maybe give it a "Like".
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I signed up for a Premium Spotify account to remove ads.  Not only am I now being advertised to, but with the same product repeatedly, even after I've declined the ad multiple times, with no opt-out mechanism.


I've put Spotify on watch and am investigating other service providers, as this is not acceptable for the long term, and so many other options exist (including tracks I've been missing on Spotify for some time).


In case it is useful in driving product change, then I'll add that I don't believe I am getting what I pay for, and it is additionally galling that Spotify would show such a lack of respect to paying customers.  Not really the behaviour I wish to reimburse.  If this persists, it's a matter of time before I switch service providers, which would take me less time than it has to write this message.  I do like Spotify, even when tracks I'd love to listen to are not available, and in spite of classification being less than ideal, and not distinguishing that my location may not correlate with the language I prefer, but I pay to listen to music, not to be marketed to, and that's the deal breaker right there.

I also wanted to put in feedback that I think it’s pretty gross that Spotify is double-dipping (and I work in advertising sales so this is literally my bread and butter). Asking people to pay for premium and then using their eyes for ad sales from artists, but using the caveat that you’re not “interrupting the music experience” is downright disrespectful to consumers!

I don’t agree with a certain artists proclivities for young girls so I’ve stopped listening to his music yet I keep getting his concert recommended. If you’re going to force ads at least give me the option to chose who I absolutely don’t want to see anything from at the very, very least.

The fact that I’m paying for an ad-free service should remove ads, but shareholders over everything, so at the very least give me some of my power to decide what I want to see back!!

Having gone through a devastating divorce, really enjoy being harassed with ads for duo. Thanks, Spotify.

Spotify claims you will get an "uninterrupted and ad-free music listening experience" with Premium.

For me, visual ads interrupt my music listening experience, not only audio ones. Or do you claim that your your app with it's features are not part of the experience?


If you are going to have visual ads, you should remove this phrasing as you do interrupt the experience.

Hey Susan, pass this along to the team: You’re not getting my money as long as you force these ads down my throat.

I've turned off EVERY notification in the correct section in the mobile app (iOS/premium account). Yet, I still get random concert event notifications and no, for the hundredth time I will NOT go to a Bruce Springsteen concern even if you put a gun to my head, ok?

Same thing with the popup that recently displayed for voting in the EU election. This is a MUSIC APP, not a PSA. I don't care. I want to listen to music, not be lectured to on what to do in my life.

I've cleared cache, reinstalled app, done everything I can think of to stop this and yet it comes back.

Is it just that some ads can't be stopped and that's it?

They refuse to turn these off.


they got paid by Live Nation to force this down our throats.


cancel your subscription and switch to a different service, Spotify doesn’t care about you.

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