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Display Podcast List At Last Listened To Episode

Display Podcast List At Last Listened To Episode

Hi All,

I am listening to podcasts through Spotify on my Android phone, and when I open up one of th epodcasts I listen to, the episode listing will automatically display where I was last up to. For example if I last listened to opisode #55, it  displays the episode list at episode #55 with all older opisodes below it, and all newer episodes above it. This only happens on one podcast I listen to. All other podcasts will display at the mosts recently uploaded podcast, then I have to scroll down to find where I was up to, and when you listen to multiple podcasts with 150+ episodes, and switch to music as well, it's hard to keep track of which episode I'm up to on which podcast.


Can anyone help me and let me know if there is a way to get ALL podcasts I listen to to dispaly at the last listen to podcat episode? It has to be a feature that I am can find, since it is happening on one of my podcasts.



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