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Do the guys in charge of Spotify have brain damage????

Do the guys in charge of Spotify have brain damage????

Spotify used to have a very good web player. It was well featured and basically meant you really didn't need to install their software on your computer, but about 2 years ago they realised that their web player is too good and they LITERALLY wricked it!!! Now, not only the new web player doesn't have the same capabilities, it is flat out USELESS because it won't show you your library artisits. It shows you ONLY the artisits you follow... How stupid do you have to be prevent users from accessing their library?????


Now, their mobile interface got **bleep**ed up as well and I can no longer scroll through my artists alphabetically or based on recently playerd songs. I can only scroll through the artisits list based on what the Spotify gods deem recommended for me... for that I say, **bleep** OFF!!!

Yes, I can search for artisits by name, but do you expect me to remember every single artisits I've added in my library??? 

Your interfaces has never been good. It took you YEARS to enable playlist editing on Android, but now this**bleep** is on a whole new level!! I had to spend hours looking for the most recent working apk to downgrade to, and I'm dumping this piece**bleep** as soon as I can.

Spotify developers, you clearly DO NOT use your own product!

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