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I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace with a 2.3.5 Android system running. A few days ago I had to completely wipe the phone and was in the process of reinstalling everything when Spotify failed. I have tried reinstalling the app several times, both from Google Play and, without any success. I'm able to download the app, but when I launch it, it says that the app is not compatible with my phone (which it used to be prior to the wipe-out). Any thoughts / recommendations?





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I'm afraid to say that your version of Android is no longer supported by the Spotify app. The best option would be to root and install a custom rom such as Cyanogenmod which will give you a higher version compatible with Spotify.

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What make and model is your phone? Devices running on ARM 5 and 6 aren't supported currently as discussed here and I'm not sure a custom ROM can solve this.

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