Download my music Wear OS

Download my music Wear OS


i just got my Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and installed the Spotify App to download music to the watch.

The Problem is, I can't see my Playlists or Albums in the watch App.

There are just things like 'Heavy Rotations', 'Shows' and other suggestions from Spotify but NOT my content. Did you forget this really important feature?!?

Or how can I download a specific playlist or album?


Thank you

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I have exactly the same problem. It only shows the suggestions but noy my own playlists

same here, if I cant select the albums from my library to download, that really does not make sense to me

Hopefully Spotify will fix that problem. I owned the Galaxy Watch 3 before (OS was Tizen) and the Spotify App on the watch showed all playlists with the option to download...

I also had the Galaxy watch with tizen and the Spotify app it was slow but at least it provided full access to the library

I have the same issue. Makes it pretty darn close to useless for me.

For iOS and the Applewatch they have a nice option for the App on the Phone. You can choose 'download to watch' in the context menu of any Playlist or Album.


Hi folks,


Thank you for posting this report on the Community. 


Please follow these basic steps to start troubleshooting this issue: 

  • Run a clean reinstall of the mobile app. 
  • Reinstall the app on the watch.
  • Re-pair the watch with Bluetooth.
  • Try again to access your playlists. 

If this doesn't work, send us the exact OS of your watches as well as the Spotify version you're running. Also let us know if this issue started after any specific update. This will help us investigate further.


Keep us posted. 

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I tried, it doesn't work.
I think ist simply not programmed so far.

Same here, it is not working with the method described @MafeG.


I have a galaxy watch 4 with the new wear os version.



I checked a bunch of YouTube Videos. Same problem. No access to the library in the watch-app.

One last question: Seriously?!

Doenst work either, i get the same suggestions only


using latest wear OS on galaxy watch 4 classic

spotify version on my phone is

Same here. Must be fixed!

Same witch Ticwatch Pro 3, only some random playlists available for downloading, none of my own.


Wear OS 2.31

Spotify 8.6.58. 994

Actually the "Own library" options just appeared under the "Downloads". All I did was I updated the mobile app on the phone to the same version as the app on the watch. Then I force quit the app on the watch, and an hour later, there it suddenly was. Hard to say what was the actual issue or the solution. Still it seems that the loading of the songs takes forever, has been minutes at 0/52 songs while trying to download a playlist... 

Can you please post a screenshot?!

Sorry, seems that the app automatically is in Finnish, but:

Lataukset is Downloads

Oma kirjasto is Own library (or so)

Ohjelmaehdotuksia is Podcast suggestions (or so)


Finally started downloading a playlist also, but took like 20min for it to start.


And the download of the playlist never finished, stuck at 15/22 songs...

And after resetting all data, the Own library was missing again. I did check the app settings from the Wear OS and noticed that Spotify was again not allowed to access Storage space. Allow this setting, then force quit the Spotify app and restart it.

Library also now appears as pikkupollo wrote, but still there is no search function and also no artist menu happening.

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