Download problems


Download problems


HI - I just started using Spotify and am having trouble downloading to play offline.


I have watched all my songs download as per the instructions on here, but then the dissapear when i re-open Spotify. I go to songs and they are not there. Plus, i cannot get the download button to go to green, its slides to green, then goes straight back to grey.


after a while it will allow me to press it and it stay on green, so i download the songs again - but they then dissapear again. Very frustrating! 


Never had this problem with Napster! Was hoping for an easy transition.... been anything but!


Anyone else having this problem?

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Re: Download problems


Hey, @scottphorne. Welcome to the Spotify Community!


It looks like you need to reinstall the app and start anew, but before doing so, I would recommend checking a few items here.


Reinstalling the app normally fixes common issues just like this. So, it wouldn't harm to try it after checking the items in the link 🙂





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