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Download versus Available offline on Android

Download versus Available offline on Android


I have a spotify premium account , my girlfriend too but under the album she have the possibility to "available offline" but in my case, i have only "download", is it normal?

i'm a premium account or no?

Thank you in advance


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Hello! I do not own an Android device, but you should be able to hit the download button and your music should be available offline.  Are you and your girlfriend using the same type of device?

Are you saying that 'Available Offline' does not show up when looking at an album/playlist like in the picture below?


Available Offline.jpeg

Yes exactly. I read only download complete below each album and not
available offline.
It's a samsung S7 same device for my girlfriend.
Thank you

margaret-kraus is right, 'download' and 'available offline' essentially do the same thing.


But just to be sure, go to one of the albums that has the 'download complete' message and try to play it without a data/wifi connection. Let me know how it goes.

OK thank you Margaret and you.
I'll try this asap and I'll send you
A feedback. But why is so different between each different account if the
same thing. Mystery.

cityhunter88 did you find out why it says "download" vs " available offline"?  My android app does the same thing. 

After sending a message at the french spotify community because my english
is not top shape.
one moderator say with the recent update, of course if you have a premium
account, Android is wrote " Download " and for IOS is wrote " available
After double check this is the important difference but no stress you're in
premium account.
Enjoy the music, i hope so this message help you and more people.
Thank you

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