Downloaded over cellular instead of wifi

Downloaded over cellular instead of wifi







Samsung Note 8

Operating System

Android 9


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So Spotify stopped working this morning when I got into my car. Rebooted and found that all of my downloaded music was no longer downloaded. But I have the settings applied so it won't download unless I am connected to WiFi...or so I thought. I shut down Spotify and went to school. When I connected to WiFi, it started downloading my playlists again....this is a pain in the **bleep**, but Spotify can't seem to squash this bug, so it is what it is. After a couple of hours, I got back into my car to drive home and I get a message from my carrier that I'm maxed out on my data. Turns out Spotify decided to attempt to download over cellular, despite the settings in the app not having changed!  I'm really unhappy that I'm being charged for overusage of my cell data because of a bug in Spotify!  When will this be fixed? I'm looking for a reimbursement for the data charges, or I'm seriously considing dumping Spotify altogether. It is a good app, but you need to fix these bugs or lose long standing customers!

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