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Downloaded playlist continues to disappear

Downloaded playlist continues to disappear

I've spent a decent amount of time researching this issue in the Spotify community and elsewhere and I've tried all of the solutions suggested to no avail.


I have Spotify Premium.  I download songs to my SD card which has 157+ GB of available storage.  I download playlists to my SD card with "High quality" and over Wifi and it stays for the first day or two, but when I go back into Spotify after that they are gone and I have to re-download.  I have A LOT of tracks on my playlists and having to download them again and again is VERY annoying.


I've tried:


1: Clearing cached data, memory, storage whatever you want to call it.

2. Uninstalling and re-installing Spotify

3. Formatting my SD card (which required me to move ALL of my photos and videos to another memory card which was NOT fun)

4. Resetting ALL of my offline devices

5. I confirmed that I'm not downloading more than 3,333 songs (which seems to be the offline track limit)


I don't know what else I can do at this point but as a paying customer, this is EXTREMELY annoying and the fact that the same exact problem has persisted for over a year now with no known solution is very unsettling.  Spotify needs to get this issue fixed once and for all.  The ability to download songs and listen to them offline without sacrificing data usage is one of the main reasons why people pay for the premium service and this is not acceptable.


I have the Galaxy S8+ Android Version 7.0. 

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Dear Spotify (Mod)!


I also have this problem. I re-installed the Spotify App several times after clearing out all directories. After installing I choose External SD Card as the cache location.

I manage to do so, but after some days (this varies!) the app just "decides" the cache will be at the internal memory of the phone. I checked everywhere on the forum how to change this (sudden, since january) behaviour. A lot of complaints or parts of solutions.


- No, I did not merge these 2 memories to be a joint memory

- Yes, I cleared all com.spotify directories on the phone before reinstalling

- Yes, I tried another SD Card

- Yes, it did work for some days as it should (Offline modus while in another country)

- Yes, It makes a new directorie(s) by itself and greys out the option I had before to choose the EXT SD card.

- No, I the app does not recognise its own directories after reinstall, there are just dead bytes suddenly. (Other apps do that quit easily, you should know that)

- Yes, the Spotify App has the same behaviour, when you move the app to the SD Card (Where it worked flawless by the way, until it moved itself over again to the internal memory.)


- AND NO I don't like this!! As I am not be able to use the offline function in the car while driving in another country with romaing off for financial reasons.


I have more then 3 GB worth of songs that I woudl like to play at any time. But I can't!

Well I can, but then my regular internal memory is full. 

It used to be good, after Android changed the SD restrictions some years ago.

Now it is just inreliable! It must be your app this time...


Please tell me what to do Spotify, as this is a feature you promote and we all pay for!


SAMSUNG S7 EDGE, Android 7.0, Not Rooted or modified in any way.




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